The Silent Treatment

F4M Audio * Tosspot * Never Go to Bed Made, Stay up and Fight Dirty * Pillow Fight * Creaky Bed Sex * Girlfriend Roleplay * Sheet Sounds


This is an erotic and adorkable girlfriend roleplay. Full of creaky bed sex, pillow fights and making up.


“It is unquestionably foolish to begin a battle when you don’t know the full strength of your adversary.”

― Claire Kent, Escorted



  1. Aural Honey, you make the best audios! You make me want to share some hot intimacy with you. You have such a way with words that makes me both hot and laughing at the same time. Sugar you are spice and heat for my tea. Cheers to you. You make my lonely hours so much richer. Whah I cover you in kisses.

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