Let me hold you ever so close. Watch you sleep, dreaming sweet, sweet dreams. Feel the heat emanating from your body, feel my blood rush, and my heartbeat quicken. Feel the effect of you.

Being so close, drowning in you…..I cannot help but tell you that I love you.


[F4A] Watching You Sleep [Late Night Adoration][Sweet Whispers][ISheet Sounds][Cuddlesome][Confessions of Love][Blushing][Wrapped up in Each Other][Gender Neutral][Girlfriend Roleplay]


“Every night when I watch you sleep, I breathe you in. Every time I make you smile, my heart beats a tad bit faster. You are the blood flowing through my veins. If I had to go back to the life I had before, I would go freaking insane.”

― Shannon Eckrich, Haunting Lia