Some Grumpy Morning


Sometimes being snuggly and lovely and having the very best of intentions will not save you from being smacked in the face with a pillow. Love means knowing not to mess with my alarm clock. Love? No one mentioned lover, you are imagining things. Being a morning person messes with your mind.


[F4A] Some Grumpy Morning [I Might Have to Rise, but I Refuse to Shine][Tuesday Morning][So Much Yawning][Adorable Grumpiness][Threats of Pillow Warfare][Why Did I Fall in Love with a Morning Person][Stop Calling Me Cute][Cuddles][Sleepy Honey][Waking up Together][Gender Neutral][Girlfriend Roleplay]


“You aren’t a morning person, are you?” he mused.
“No, I’m not. There is a reason mornin’ and mournin’ sound the same.”

― L.A. Casey, Aideen